Before arriving on the top of the mountain,  there is a little lake in the crater from which a beautiful sight is enjoyed rano_raraku_lago.jpg (46951 byte).  After the stop for the lunch we moved to Ahu Te Pito Kura where the greatest Moai transported and lifted on an Ahu is found (around 12 mt. of height), that within few years should be restored; in the site the navel of the world is also found, an almost spherical stone that is said you emanate positive energy and that a lot of people say to perceive during the 'ritual session' ombelicoIO.jpg (49990 byte).

Last stop the beautiful Anakena beach where the first colonizers disembarked, on the back of the beach a group of restored Moai are found.

anakena_vista.jpg (47233 byte) anakena.jpg (36522 byte)


Before returning to the village the guide told me that the following day there would not have been the tour to the ceremonial village of Orongo considering that they had in forecast the tour that I had already made the first day, so I returned a little bit desolate to the pension. For the evening I had agreed with the friends from Porto Rico for a dinner, a visit to Ahu Tahai to see the sunset tahai_tramonto.jpg (23914 byte).

and finally to assist to the Kari Kari show of dances and Polynesian music. I had not seen any show of this type in French Polinesia, this is seemed me really characteristic and interesting, the only problem was that the room of the hotel Hanga Roa where the show was unwound was very small and crowded. 

karikari.jpg (48392 byte) karikari1.jpg (47978 byte)

Considering that Carina & Pancho liked a lot Orongo, they still had intention to visit it and we are granted for going together late afternoon the following day. Reentered to the pension I was invited by the Chilean friends to spend a few times to the see the full moon (Mahina Taka-Taka in Rapa Nui language) in their cave really near to Ahu Tahai tahai_luna.jpg (27456 byte)
I spent the last morning around Hanga Roa to shop of reproductions of Moais. We arrived to Orongo at 6 in the afternoon, at that time we have been able to visit the site with all calm and in solitude considering that all the other tourists had already gone away; the sight of the top of the crater of the Rano Kau volcano is spectacular
rano_kau.jpg (42850 byte). The ceremonial village is interesting, from here every spring departed the challenge of the birdman: the competitors had to go down from the sheer cliff above the sea, to swim in the waters infested by the sharks, to climb on the Motus Iti and Nui iti_nui.jpg (35791 byte) to the search the first egg of the birds, for then to bring it to the village intact; the winner guaranteed to his tribe leader the power for the whole year. 


I left Rapa Nu in night with the dear Chilean friends that greeted me while I was crossing the airstrip to get on the airplane for the last Polynesian day

Rapa Nui is absolutely a magic place, probably in absolute one of the most interesting places I have visited; besides the wonderful archaeological sites I appreciated a lot the gentleness, the courtesy and sympathy of the Rapa Nui and the Chileans. 




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