Scuba diving


French Polynesia is one of the heavens for the sub, the visibility is exceptional and there is the possibility to meet big fishes, the quality of the diving center (at least for my experience) is good, the price of 1 dive is average 5000 XCF included the equipment (the price doesn't change with personal equipment), all the diving accept the credit cards. To reach the diving points is normally necessary to do no more than 10-15 minutes by boat, considering that I am 1 * CMAS I dived between 20 and 30 meters deep.

For the dives I choose the Moorea Fun Dive  that finds on the beach in the north zone of Hauru Point, the DM are 2 French and the equipment it is good. Because of the problem of the baggage I could have 1 dive only on the Tareu Pass, during the dive the dive master took a big scare considering that a big nervous moray had almost succeeded to pick her up to the neck.

I choose the Pacific Blue Adventure that finds in the dock zone of the Fare village, the equipment it is quite good, I dived alone with the DM on the Fiti pass, visibility also was not exceptional because the sky was cloudy, besides sharks and napoleon fishes I saw 2 beautiful Eagle Ray sail above my head.

I choose the Nemo World diving, mainly because was the only one that gave the possibility to do 2 dives in the morning leaving so the afternoon free; the choice was good even for the quality of the equipment and the DM, besides the base is found to the hotel Le Meridien that is one of the most exclusive of Bora Bora. We done the first dive the Teavanui pass, as soon as entered in water we met an enormous napoleon fish and then many barrier sharks and lemon shark; for the second we moved interior the lagoon to the Manta Point, where because of the wealth of plankton these beautiful animals are found, the only problem is that because of the plankton the visibility was very bad and so also arriving to 3-4 meters from the Mantas we have succeeded to see with difficulty.

The dives in current through the passes of this atoll are through the myths of the sub, I choose the Raie Manta Club that it was found really next to my lodging. The DM are nice and prepared but the equipment is not so good, funny the old Wolkswagen van without windscreen that we used for reaching the dock. To exploit to the best the tides the dives are developed in the morning and in the afternoon quite early; the dives are quite binding considering that the tide is very strong, besides once thrown is necessary to go down immediately to enter in current. For the first dive after having prepared the equipment we reached in 10 minutes by boat the point of entry to the external mouth of the Tiputa Pass rangi_tiputapass.jpg (35440 byte), to the signal of the dive master we thrown immediately going down; then started the show, we 'flew' in the blue surrounded by barracudas, napoleon fishes, tunas and with the fund carpeted of sharks, for a little bit we have also been accompanied by a manta ray, toward the end the tide becomes really strong. In the afternoon the dive was a little bit less spectacular, the tide pushed toward the outside of the atoll and therefore we have gone down from another side to a lower depth, to the entry in water we have been welcomed by some dolphins and on the fund we met a turtle. The following day others 2 dives, the first one once more to the Tiputa Pass, we gone down in a point in which the hammer sharks are often found, but with mine great sorrow we have not seen any, for the rest was a little bit less interesting than the first one, the tide was really really strong. For the second we went instead to the Avatoru pass making attention for the current going out; hardly arrived on the backdrop to around 15 meters we have been surrounded by 4-5 sharks that started to turn us around, we remained about ten minute to observe vice versa; for the rest I didn't see nothing of detail to exception of some beautiful corals in comparison to the other pass.

As I Had the afternoon free I decided to dive, in reality I was not very convinced,  instead was a really beautiful experience, we crossed some canyons with 20-30 meters walls of  rock covered with coral really beautiful.  The visibility was exceptional even if the sky was covered, I didn't see big fishes but quite a lot stone fishes (that I had never seen) and spotted morays. The dive has me really thrilled and if I had had other time I would have done some others. Surely this is a sector a little exploited and that can have some big potentialities.
I dived with the diving Cinco Oceanos, the equipment it is good and the DM is the Chilean champion of apnea, the temperature of water is a little bit lower in comparison to French Polynesia and therefore we used a long 3 mm suit; the cost of 1 dive is between 50-60 US $.


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