The following day, transfer to Rangiroa where I arrived in the early afternoon, a few before landing we flew over the Mataiva and Tikehau atolls tikehau1.jpg (19302 byte) tikehau2.jpg (62157 byte).
To the Rangi airport I found to wait for me the kind Mrs Rofina of the Rangiroa Lodge; besides having also chosen the dormitory, considering that there were not other guests I had the room all for me. Two footsteps for the Avatoru village to go first to the post-office and then to the bank; after having waited for 1 hour my turn I succeeded in changing the travelers cheques that at the beginning the employee didn't want to change me; besides to Rangiroa there are not ATM and therefore it is a little bit problematic to get local currency. Changed money and bought some food I went to the diving to program the dives for the following days, the dives to Rangi are considered among the most beautiful in the world and therefore I was also a little bit excited because they are unwound in current (very strong) and therefore they are enough binding. The first dive was programmed before 9 and therefore I had to wake up before the usual, from the diving after having prepared the equipment we reached in 10 minutes by boat the point of entry to the external mouth of the Tiputa Pass rangi_tiputapass.jpg (35440 byte), to the signal of the dive master we thrown immediately going down; then started the show, we 'flew' in the blue surrounded by barracudas, napoleon fishes, tunas and with the fund carpeted of sharks, for a little bit we have also been accompanied by a manta ray, toward the end the tide becomes really strong. In the afternoon the dive was a little bit less spectacular, the tide pushed toward the outside of the atoll and therefore we have gone down from another side to a lower depth, to the entry in water we have been welcomed by some dolphins and on the fund we met a turtle. The following day others 2 dives, the first one once more to the Tiputa Pass, we gone down in a point in which the hammer sharks are often found, but with mine great sorrow we have not seen any, for the rest was a little bit less interesting than the first one, the tide was really really strong. For the second we went instead to the Avatoru pass making attention for the current going out; hardly arrived on the backdrop to around 15 meters we have been surrounded by 4-5 sharks that started to turn us around, we remained about ten minute to observe vice versa; for the rest I didn't see nothing of detail to exception of some beautiful corals in comparison to the other pass. For the last day I booked the excursion to the blue lagoon but to the last moment was cancelled, has been proposed me a tour to the Île aus Récife but considering that didn't inspire me a lot I preferred to cancel the tour. So the following day I tried to visit the Pearl Farm but once arrived, the owner told me that they had no visits before some day, so I went the dock to the Tiputa pass with idea to reach the village, but unfortunately I could not find any passage, so afterwards I returned to the pension to pass the last day on the beach.

Departed with the first flight of the day, I reached Papeete, the idea was to go to the city center and even to make a tour of the island; unfortunately being Sunday the city center was desert and all the shops closed, after varied phone calls I have not succeeded in finding any tours; so after having eaten something and made a stroll, in the afternoon I returned in the airport to wait for the late night flight to the mythical Easter Island

After 4 beautiful days passed to Easter Island I came back to Tahiti for the last day of stay, in the early morning I went the pension really next to the airport that I booked before departing, considering that the owners still slept I had to wait before being able to leave the baggage. Arrived in the city center I visited the characteristic covered market.

tahiti_mercato.jpg (46842 byte)

Then I booked a jeep tour to the inside of the island, we crossed the inside valleys through falls and tall mountains. 

For the last night I went to eat to the characteristic Roulettes.

Polynesia greeted me with a beautiful sunny day, so I succeeded to take some beautiful photos of Moorea, Tahiti and Tetiaroa.

moorea1.jpg (16256 byte) moorea2.jpg (17730 byte) tahiti.jpg (21610 byte) tetiaroa.jpg (13129 byte)


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