3 - 21 september 2000



Just in 2000 are 500 years from the discovery of Brazil, as I decided to take a trip from those parts I have been able to take advantage of a special Varig offer (valid until 1 september 2000): a special air-pass with the possibility to have an unlimited number of flights in the whole country in 30 days against 5 usually bookable; so we had the possibility to visit practically the whole country or better to say to have an idea of the various places considering that we didn't have a lot of time. To optimize the times we booked almost all the accommodations and excursions preventively from Italy.

The first place we visited was Olinda, a colonial city a few Kms from Recife, gone out by the airport we found to wait for us the driver of the Pousada Do Amparo that I booked from Internet and that came out a good choice. After systematized the baggages we went out for a visit, the old colonial houses remembered me a little bit the atmosphere of the Havana, besides almost all the museums and the churches were closed for restaurations or for some other motive and therefore in half day we visited the whole city that to say the truth didn't like me particularly. 

Mosteiro do Sao Bento




Igreja NS do Carmo


The following morning after a good breakfast we went to the airport to take the first flight of the day to Fernando de Noronha (mappa_fdn.jpg (74486 byte) map) a group of islands and sea park around 500 Km from the brazialian coasts; unfortunately our airplane didn't arrive because of the bad weather in the zone of Salvador Bahia and so between delays and delays we spent the whole day in the airport. Finally in the late evening we departed to arrive in the island at midnight; to preserve as much as possible the park the access is limited to a certain number of visitors for day and for this motive is necessary to book the flights and the accommodations in advance, besides before going out from the airport is necessary to pay a tax of around R$ 21 for day of stay. Considering that the tourism is practically the only commercial activity, all the houses of the island are transformed in Pousadas (pensions), we lodged to the Pousada dos Santos, very very simple but acceptable. Because of the delay of the flight, with great sorrow I had to give up the dives I programmed and that were the principal motive of my visit on the island, so we opted for a tour of the island with the buggies, practically these are the only transport craft of the island and give the possibility to cross the most impervious roads, the only problem is that they are a little bit uncomfortable and at the end of the day I was a little bit destroyed. The beaches are one more beautiful of the other and to each bath came me to cry to the thought of the wonderful diving spot I would have been able to visit.

Baia de Santo Antonio Praia do Leao Praia do Sancho Baia dos porcos


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