Mexico City & Yucatán

3 - 15 march 2008


Return to distance of eight years to Mexico, this time we associated a visit of Mexico City with a relaxing stay in the Yucatán.

Mexico City (D.F. for the Mexicans) it is one of the biggest (if not the biggest) city of the world, from how I read and some people told me, I expected a super chaotic city with an unbreathable air because of the smog, surprisingly instead we found an excellent climate, a city very friendly but above all has amazed me the cleaness (compared to other cities even much smaller).
We visited the main attractions, between these I liked the ride with the 'gondola' along the channels of Xochimilco and the Anthropology museum, the Teotihuacán pyramids are spectacular but I preferred Chichén Itzá.

For the Yucatán visit we rented a car for some day to reach Tulum and Chichén Itzá, funny the Xel-Ha park even if unlike the first trip now the entry is only all-inclusive :-(; for the rest relax on the beach. Even some years ago the zone was very touristy but now it is practically a nonstop of resort for the whole coast from Cancun to Tulum, this last is relatively still calm in comparison to Playa del Carmen.








Milan - Mexico City


15 hours


Mexico City




Mexico City - Teotihuacán


 2 hours


Mexico City    


Mexico City - Cancun
Cancun - Tulum

2 hours
2 hours




Xel-Ha car



Tulum - Chichén Itzá


 3 hours


Tulum - Playa del Carmen


1 hour


Playa del Carmen    


Playa del Carmen    


Playa del Carmen    


Playa del Carmen - Milan


18 hours


Warm and pleasant to exception of a couple of days in Tulum because of a cold wind that has brought rain and annoying wind.


We appreciated the Mexican dishes even if after some days stew a little bit, I adore the guacamole and therefore I ate it a lot :-), really good the fruit.


The country is still decidedly convenient above all thanks to the low US$, ATMs are very diffused, € is changed to an unfavorable rate in comparison to the US$, in the Mexico City airport are found the best rates.
Average costs (1 € = 14 Mxps):
lunch or dinner to the restaurant = 180 Mxp
McDonald's  menù= 50 Mxp
double room in a 3 * hotel = 800 Mxp
city journey in taxi = 80 Mxp

For buying the bargaining it is of obligation.


Mobile phones work without problems apart the prohibitive roaming costs, I found very convenient in comparison to the internet café the local phone cards to use with the public telephones.


Dangers & annoyances 
During daytime we moved in Mexico City and used public transports without any problems, is necessary to play attention the taxis absolutely avoiding those unofficial.
In the Yucatán no problem apart some sellers and gas station attendant try to scam with the banknotes changing those from 500 with those from 50.


in Mexico City we used a lot the subway (
map PDF), very efficient, capillary and economic.
In the Yucatán we rented a car for some days, after some research I rented with Executive that offered the best rates.
For those have more time, buses are very efficient and capillary, comfortable and convenient those from Playa to Cancun airport.

After long researches and seen the few time I preferred to book the lodgings before the trip.

Mexico City
Hotel Catedral: good position in the historical center, really behind the Cathedral, besides his restaurant serves excellent dishes, because of nighttime works our room fancing the road was decidedly noisy; double room with bath and breakfast 680 Mxp, paying in cash you get a 10% discount.

Don Diego de la Selva: good accommodation, beautiful rooms with patio and hammock on the tropical garden, good meals are served under the palapa in front the small swimming pool, it finds just out the village (
map); double room with a/c and breakfast 850 Mxp.

Playa del Carmen
Hotel Riviera Caribe Maya: to the extremity north of the Quinta Avenida (
map), enormous bed even if the room was a little bit small, free internet and wifi connection for the guests, the owners are Italian; it is settled with the Mamita beach club that finds around 500 meters distance; double room with a/c and breakfast 90 US$.



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