We arrived to Chichén Itzá at 12 a.m., the hottest and most crowded moment but we can not do otherwise. Being Sunday the entry like in all the archaeological sites was free, I must say that I remained really impressed above all by El Castillo, the principal pyramid that we climbed along the narrow and steep stairs but the sight from the top it's wonderful. In the square in front of the pyramid every evening it's possible to assist to a sounds and lights show. Even more spectacular must be the natural show that it's possible to see on the occasion of the spring  and autumn equinoxes, in these 2 days the shade of the sun on the stairways of the pyramid creates the effect of the creep of a serpent.


chichen_Itza_elcastillo_scala.JPG chichen_Itza_elcastillo_scala1.JPG chichen_Itza_elcastillo_scala2.JPG

Also the ball court and the Group of 1000 Columns are impressive, with a walk of 10 minutes it is possible to reach the sacred cenote where human sacrifices were effected.

chichen_Itza_colonnato.JPG chichen_Itza_pelota.JPG


Reached Merida in the late afternoon we systematized to the hotel Dolores Alba, discovering besides that it also had a beautiful swimming pool where we jumped as soon as unloaded the car. For the evening we foreseen to try one of the restaurants suggested by the Lonely Planet but accomplice the jet-lag and the walk of the day we slept until the following morning. 
The day after has been devoted to the visit of the city, of its buildings and churches in colonial style and of the market where we had a first contact with the local handicrafts. Typical of this zone are the Panama hat and the hammocks, is necessary however to take care about the quality of goods acquires above all by the road sellers. For lunch we finally directed to the restaurant Los Almendros where we tried a typical dish the Poc-chuc, it concerns meat of pig marinated and barbecued, between the contour besides the omnipresent cream of beans there was a pepper that I immediately tasted, I usually eat spicy but this time for 5 minutes "I saw the stars!!!!" However this was the only case, in all the other tastes I had any problems, rather the Mexican kitchen has decidedly satisfied me. 
The following day we had foreseen the visit of the archaeological site of Uxmal and then a 500 Km drive up to Palenque. I remained a little bit disappointed by Uxmal, is necessary to say however that a lot of zones included the pyramid of the Magician were closed for repairs and therefore the visit was limited to a walk around the ruins.

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