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17 november - 10 december 2010



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I had been always quite skeptical about this destination, considering it ... just a far beach; after visiting I had to change my mind, contrarily than many people think, the Hawaii are not exclusively a beach destinations but rather they are very varied with spectacular landscapes, the American efficiency makes even more then enjoyable the contact with natural beauties.


E lei ke, aloha no na kau a kau!
Aloha today, tomorrow, always!




The map & itinerary



17/11/2010 Milan - Honululu
18/11/2010 Waikiki
19/11/2010 Waikiki
20/11/2010 Waikiki
21/11/2010 Oahu
22/11/2010 Oahu
23/11/2010 Honululu - Lihue
24/11/2010 Kauai
25/11/2010 Kauai
26/11/2010 Kauai
27/11/2010 Lihue - Kahului
28/11/2010 Maui
29/11/2010 Maui
30/11/2010 Maui
1/12/2010 Kahului - Kona
2/12/2010 Kona
3/12/2010 Hilo
4/12/2010 Hilo
5/12/2010 Volcano
6/12/2010 Kona
7/12/2010 Kona
8/12/2010 Kona - Milan



Practically perfect, warm not excessive during the day, fresh but not too much in the evening, with the only exception of the volcano Kilauea zone, at 1000 meters of altitude the nights were quite cold; also being the beginning of the rainy season I had always pleasant days, to Kauai (one of the rainiest places of the world) always rained during the night.


The local cousine is practically nonexistent, also in the small islands are found foods for all the tastes and the omnipresent fast-food & restaurants American chains; instead a friend told me that to Molokai resists a genuine Hawaiian atmosphere considering that there are no Mc Donald's and Starbucks!!!
Have eaten some good sushi, drank good coffee of which the Hawaii are manufacturing, still remember the smell of the vanilla coffee smelled along the streets in the morning to Waikiki!!!

Quite high, apart the cost of the airplane ticket, the biggest expense is constituted surely by the lodging, for this I have chosen almost exclusively the hostels; the ATMs are very diffused as the use of the credit cards (essential). Very useful the discount ticket found in the tourist brochures.
Middle costs:
lunch or dinner= 15 US $
hostel dorm bed= 25 US $
city journey by bus = 1.25 US $
full day boat excursion= 140 US $


I used telephone card bought in the supermarkets with good rates for the intercontinental calls even if the errand for the calls from the public phone is often superior to the cost of the phone call; the WiFi connections are found anywhere, probably for this reason the internets points are very little diffused; not having a laptop with me, on suggestion of the owner of the motel where I lodged I enrolled the public-libraries that are diffused on all the islands and gave the possibility to be connected for 1 hour a day besides to furnish many other services.


Dangers & annoyances
Safety is very high, had read the danger of thefts in the parked cars, but fortunately I have never had the opportunity to see situations of this type.
During my visit on the volcano Kilauea some roads were closed for the toxic exhalation, the daily bulletins for the varied parks are useful for the organization of the excursions.
Absolute attention to the waves and the tides especially in the beaches more isolated as the walk on the lava  that it is often only apparently solidified.


The flights connections between the islands are numerous and frequent, for convenience I booked time to time the local flights with Cheaptickets.
To visit the islands the car is absolutely necessary and fortunately the rental rates are very low; the only exception can be Oahu where the public transports are efficient and capillary, but the times of transfer are very long (from Waikiki to Pearl Harbor you need at least 90 minutes).
Also in the remote zones the roads are in good conditions and the are only few road that can not be runs with rental cars.


Almost all the places of interest can be visited autonomously, to not lose a tour in helicopter that they generally have approachable prices, I have chosen to do it Kauai with
Safari Helicopters remaining absolutely satisfied; always to Kauai I have done an excursion by boat up to the Napali Coast that has allowed me to see turtle (never seen so many), dolphins and whales.
For the lovers of the sea (divers and not) to not lose the super exciting nighttime dive with the mantas to Kona.


Traveling alone the choice of the hostels has been practically forced, the level of the setups has generally good.

Waikiki Beachside hostel: to around 50 mt. from the beach, big structure, the personnel is very available, the general level is sufficient; bed in a 8 people room, 25 US $, booking in advance 13 US $.


Motel Lani: since the hostels of Kauai were not good I have chosen this small motel; double room with bath (simple but immaculate) 50 US$.


Nortshore hostel: very well organized hostel, very kind and available the managers, the guests have to disposition a telephone for free intercontinental calls, only negative aspect: it is quite far from the main attractions;
bed in a 8 people room, 25 US $.


Patey's Place: simple and pleasant environment, more than other for the guests considering that the manager is really unpleasant;
bed in a 8 people room, 25 US $.

Hilo Bay hostel: one of the best hostels between all those tried; bed in a 8 people room, 25 US $.

Vulcano Kiluea
Holo Holo In: to 2 miles from the entry of the park, managed by a nice Japanese family, only negative aspect the cold considering that the rooms were not heated; read in comrade;
bed, 23 US$.



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