23-30 June 2002


Accomplice a good last minute offer for a flight I found, I took a short vacation with my friends Cristiano and Gianluca. 

Also being one of the main tourist destinations of Greece I found a pleasant atmosphere, friendly people, good food; the prices are a little bit more high than I expected but anyway not expansive.


not to miss


Very warm but always refreshed by the wind, taking the sun on the beach with the wind is very pleasant. 


We lodged to the Niki's pension bigl_pens.jpg (14811 byte) bigl_pens1.jpg (14020 byte) in the old town of Rhodes, spending for a triple room 42€ a day. 


The sea is very clean even if quite cold, we attended mainly the beach of Rhodes city, along the east coast are found a lot of beaches and really beautiful bays, I liked particularly the Kalithéa bay of that is besides the only place in the whole island where scuba diving is permitted (however nothing special); spectacular the beach of Prasonísi where the Aegean and Mediterranean seas are met. 


Rhodes it is also famous for his vivacious nightlife particularly to Rhodes city and to Faliráki. 
To Rhodes city, bars, pubs and discos are found in the zone of the casino, the frequenters are mainly from the north Europe; in the old town there are some cafes frequented mainly by Greek. 
Faliráki is populated almost exclusively by English and can be considered the entertainment capital of Rhodes. 


The Greek food is really excellent, one of the best that I tried in the world. Meat is mainly cooked, usually with spicy and barbecued; unforgettable the gyros, meat of pig, chicken or lamb put to cook on big vertical spits, cut directly on a kind of arab bread and seasoned with sauces. I also liked the tzatziki, a sauce sort with yogurt, cucumbers and garlic. 
Walking along the streets of the old town of Rhodes you've been continually stopped by the waiters, they try to gain customers and the thing after a little bit it becomes annoying. For a dinner we spent average 15-20 € each, it is worth the punishment to take off from the plazas and main streets to avoid to be plucked. 
Between the varied restaurants, we have appreciated particularly:


Taxis are convenient with fixed rates for the connections between the varied places; there are a lot of agencies to rent scooter and cars and contracting a little bit you can have good rates. 



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vista_porto.jpg (27967 byte)
The entrance to the harbour
where it is supposed was built the famed Colossus
tramonto.jpg (29341 byte)
Sunset on the hold harbour
torri.jpg (43421 byte)
The twin towers of the Navy door
via_cavalieri.jpg (28137 byte)
The knights street
moschea.jpg (32366 byte)
Mustafa mosque
rovine.jpg (34773 byte)
The old town ruins

piazza_cavallucci.jpg (40040 byte)
"Seahorses" square

piazza_ippokratous.jpg (34853 byte)
Ippokrátous square
piazza.jpg (30088 byte)
A beautiful square
kalithea.jpg (40518 byte) kalithea1.jpg (49209 byte)
Kalithéa bay
baia_aq.jpg (45500 byte)
Antony Queen bay
costa.jpg (30820 byte)
A beautiful bay
costa1.jpg (39955 byte)
Along the coast
lindos.jpg (33874 byte)
prasonisi.jpg (34423 byte)
Prasonísi - meeting of the seas
valle_farfalle.jpg (40024 byte) valle_farfalle1.jpg (42076 byte)
Butterfly valley
amici.jpg (39192 byte)  amici1.jpg (43909 byte)
Me, Cristiano and Gianluca



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