27 June - 22 July 1998


I visited Malaysia and Singapore with the local transport (bus principally, train and airplane, all very convenient) and lodging in the Guest House; however there are accommodations for all the tastes and pockets in the touristic zones. The cost of life for the Europeans is decidedly lower than from us (one of the few convenient places also for Italians!!!), a 5* hotel coast 20-30 US$ per person but it's possible to sleep with 2 US$ (naturally with the due proportions) also the food is very convenient, the cuisine (very spicy) is quite good; delicious the satayssatay.jpg (9712 byte): tiny kebabs of meat dipped in a spicy peanut sauce. 

My trip to Malaysia began from Kota Bharu where I have been for 1 day, the city is nothing special except perhaps the market. 

Kota Bharu market 1 Kota Bharu market 2

Kota Bharu is a good point of departure to visit the Perhentians Islands (the place that in absolute liked me more), I have been for 3 days on Kecil (the small island), the island is quite spartan, the electricity for example work only between 7 pm to 2 am in the evening because is turned on the generators, on the other island instead there is a  5* resort. I had some wonderful dives with an exceptional visibility as the flora and fauna, I dived with the very good Turtle Bay Dive Centre,  diving in Malaysia is very convenient, I spent around 35 $ for 2 dives with the rental of the whole equipment.

perhentian1.jpg perhentian2.jpg

Left the Perhentians I moved to the Taman Negara where unfortunately I stayed only one night because the hostel that entertained me had not set free for the following evenings, to reach the park is necessary to sail for around 2 hours on a river that crosses the forest. From the lodging zone depart more or less varied walk-paths, the first day I have done one of it of around 3 hours-walk between going and return that it has decidedly "destroyed" me because I was not equipped (it is worth the punishment to have some good trekking shoes, the path inside the forest is very very slippery) and for the humidity as it's really high. To around 20 min. from the resort it is found a handle of the river where it's possible to bath and to relax, a wonderful excursion is the Canopy Walkway: the walk on bridges suspended between the trees (20-30 mt. above the ground), also the night walk in the jungle with the rangers is very beautiful even if I didn't do it. 

Following stop was Singapore, the first thing that jumped to my eyes was the difference of environment and atmosphere in comparison to the other Asian cities, the impression is to be in a western city with climate and tropical vegetation. I stayed 3 days turning for the varied districts: Chinese, Arab and Indian and the commercial centers that to say the truth I have not found convenient. Keeping in mind that the S$ is worth the double of the Malaysian Ringgit the costs for lodging and food are exactly the double one that in Malaysia. 

Singapore grattacieli Singapore quartiere indiano Singapore quartiere arabo

From Singapore I moved to Tioman island, that has disappointed a little bit me probably  because the zone where I lodged was not so good, the most beautiful beach is that of the resort; there are however some beautiful places where to make snorkeling or diving. 

From Tioman to Penang that is nothing special except perhaps the Kek Lok Buddhist temple.

Kek Lok 1 Kek Lok 2 Kek Lok 3

From Penang I moved to the island of Pangkor that is little frequented by the tourists, it's very popular between Malaysian on weekends and holidays, but during the week the beaches are almost empty. 

Last but one stop was Malacca where I saw the city center and had a tour with a boat (to see with whom the persons that have the house-huts on the river cohabit).


Finally I arrived to Kuala Lumpur of which all the persons that I met have spoken badly to me, instead liked me. Not lose a visit to the Batu Caves, a turn for the evening market to Chinatown and the slope on the Tower from which is possible to admire besides the panorama the Petronas Tower, the tallest skyscrapers of the world. 

Batu Caves Palazzo Reale Petronas Tower

I left Malaysia from the new KL airport that had been inaugurated by some day, beautiful but very uncomfortable to reach in fact it takes a pair of hours and perhaps more during the peak hours.

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